7 Ways To Avoid A New York Truck Ticket

Prevention is often the best approach to avoiding a New York truck ticket. What follows are several suggestions for avoiding a New York truck ticket in the first place:

  • Make certain that all of the equipment is in suitable working order. This will help you to avoid police stops and frequent inspections.
  • You’ll want to be sure you know your routes. In the event you are driving within New York City, you should be conscious that you are staying within the approved trucking routes.
  • Be certain that your drivers are aware that commercial trucks are not allowed to use New York City parkways.
  • Check that your loads are secure. Loose cargo should be secured with a tarp, inside a container, or other device.
  • Loose or falling debris is a great way to get stopped by law enforcement. Being aware of your cargo is an important step in avoiding this sort of stop.
  • Commercial trucks need to be properly marked. This includes the name and address of your company as well as proper lettering on both sides of the vehicle.
  • It’s important to understand that companies are not allowed to be represented in court by employees or officers of that company. Instead, a New York Truck Ticket lawyer should be retained to represent the company.

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